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Lucy suggests to Peter that they should give their marriage another go. Peter panics and tells Lucy that he isn't good enough for her. Hayley and Roy call in on Tracy who tells them she's still pregnant. Lucy goes to look for Peter and bumps into Jack outside the bookies. She asks Jack where she can find Peter. Jack suggests she should go and ask his wife Shelley! Lucy is amazed. Lucy calls in the Rovers and realises that Shelley is none the wiser. Shelley shows Lucy her wedding album. Lucy is angry and upset but doesn't show it. Katy tells Angela that she's finished with Tyrone. Bernie Allbright, the allotment inspector, tells Tyrone that Jack could get into trouble for sub-letting. Lucy calls back in the Rovers. She asks Shelley to show her the wedding album again. This time Lucy pulls her own wedding picture from her bag and shows Shelley. It's Shelley's turn to be gobsmacked when she realises that they are both married to the same man.


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Emily Bishop: "'Do cats have souls?'"
Norris Cole: "You can talk. Imagining what goes on under a vicar's cassock."

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