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Shelley tells Peter that she wants to start trying for children. Dev and Steve plead with Eileen to take her old job back at Street Cars. Eileen is too proud and refuses even though she's desperate for the money. Emily tries to drum up support for the church fundraising meeting to be held in the cafe on Sunday. Jason tries to persuade Eileen to go back to work but to no avail. Peter calls to see Lucy. He is upset when he finds Dan Kelly there. He tells Lucy that he's sick of her cancelling his visits to Simon and demands better access. Maz O'Loughlin calls into the cafe and gives Vera some potatoes from the allotment, along with the recipe for chocolate brownies and some cannabis which she passes off as "baking spices". Tyrone tells Katy that he's no longer willing to carry on the charade of pretending to be her boyfriend. Katy is worried. Norris decides that he wants visiting rights to see Monty the cat. Lucy threatens to stop Peter from seeing Simon at all. Later Peter tells Ciaran that no one will stop him from seeing his son and that he'll go to court if necessary.


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