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Dev is cross with Sunita when he finds the empty wine bottle and pizza box and discovers she closed the corner shop early. Jack and Vera are suffering from hangovers but can't understand it as they hardly had anything to drink! Jason finally admits to Dev and Steve that it was Tony Stewart who stole the money so they agree to drop the charges against Eileen. Nick and Todd try to persuade Sarah to let Gail look after Bethany occasionally but Sarah refuses point-blank. Eileen is released from the police station. Steve apologises to her. Katy and Martin worry about Tommy's reaction when he finds out about their relationship. Roy gets some baby books from the library and compares parenting to dog-training. Katy persuades Tyrone to continue pretending to be her boyfriend for another couple of weeks. Tyrone is unhappy about it. Things get even worse for Eileen when the bailiffs turn up from the car loan company and take Karen's sofa and the TV. Peter is distraught when he sees Lucy with her ex-boyfriend Dan Kelly and the baby.


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