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Jason realises that Tony must have stolen the £700. Steve is cross with Dev for having Eileen arrested. He tells Dev that Eileen is a good friend. Eileen is locked in a police holding cell waiting for the duty solicitor to turn up. She is distraught and keeps proclaiming her innocence. The hash cake is taking effect and Jack and Vera are completely spaced out and giggling uncontrollably. Nick takes Bethany round to see Gail for an hour. Gail is delighted. Sarah is cross when she finds out. Jason and Todd pay Tony a visit. He admits that he stole the money and gives it to Jason. Jason is upset that his dad is a liar and a thief. He tells him he doesn't want to see him any more. Ciaran gets Sunita to close the shop so they can share a bottle of wine. Nick leaves for London. Gail is very tearful. He later changes his mind and to Gail's delight says he's going to stay and get a job in Manchester instead. Jason returns the money to Dev and Steve. Dev still refuses to drop the charges. Jason tells the police that he's returned the money expecting Eileen to be released straight away. He is shocked to be told she'll be interviewed tomorrow and is being held overnight.


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Jack Duckworth: "There isn't an aphrodisiac that's been invented that's strong enough to combat my natural defences."
Maz O'Loughlin: "What are your natural defences, Jack?"
Jack Duckworth: "A mental picture of our Vera in a face pack and a hairnet."

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