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Nick explains to Gail that he and Sarah are no longer children and she can't rule their lives. Gail apologises. To Eileen's embarrassment, debt collector Rob Drury turns up at Street Cars demanding money. Dev is forced to give her a sub on her wages to get rid of him. Candice's mother Marion turns up at the salon demanding that Candice comes home. Candice refuses and tells her mum about Gerry Burton. Marion doesn't believe her. Audrey sends her away with a flea in her ear. Nick finds out about Maria's abortion and is relieved when she tells him the baby wasn't his. Tony Stewart gets £50 off Peter for fixing the faulty wiring in the flat. Peter then finds out that it was Tony's dodgy wiring in the first place and that Tony wired the flat so that the electricity ran off the bookies' supply. Peter is furious and demands his money back from Tony and Jason. Eileen is at her wits' end. She's no money and she's sick of supporting Tony. Todd and Sarah are shocked when Peter pays them a visit. He tells them he knows about the electricity scam and wants them out of the flat by tomorrow and demands the rent money that's owing to him.


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