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Sarah is surprised and pleased when Audrey is supportive of her decision to get a job. Candice is getting more and more upset about the situation at home with Gerry, her mum's boyfriend. Les gets his hopes up when he hears that Janice has slung Mick out. Norris is confiding in Harry that he fears that Monty may have died when suddenly the cat turns up. Monty is wearing a different collar with "Phoebe" engraved on the tag. Viv Wright from social services visits Sarah and Todd again and quizzes them about Bethany's care arrangements. Mrs Parry turns up at No.3 saying that Monty is called Phoebe and is her cat. Audrey lends Candice the salon keys to get her mobile phone. Candice can't bear to go home and spends the night in the salon. Debt collector Rob Drury is chasing Eileen for her payments. She asks Dev for extra shifts at Street Cars but he refuses. Sarah realises that Gail must have reported them to social services. She is furious and storms round to No.8 to see her. Claire tells Maria and Fiz that she would like the spare room in the salon flat. Sarah and Gail have a huge row. Sarah tells Gail that David doesn't like living with her either. She tells Gail that she's lost a granddaughter and a daughter as well and leaves. Gail is upset but relieved when Nick suddenly arrives home.


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