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Curly is determined that he's not going to Newcastle. He and Emma have a huge row. She tells him she doesn't care if he comes with her or not. Mick keeps asking Janice if she'll marry him. Janice becomes more and more irritated. Maria asks Claire if she wants to share their flat. Claire says she'll think about it. Sarah tells Gail that she's left school and is now working at the cafe full-time. Gail tells her how one day she'll regret it and Todd will blame her for his lack of career. Candice calls in to see Sarah and Todd. Candice is very depressed about her mum's new boyfriend who she thinks is a pervert. Gail phones Viv Wright at social services and leaves a message saying how Bethany is neglected. She lies and says that Sarah and Todd leave her on her own in the flat. Janice tells Mick that she doesn't want to marry him. She tells Mick it's over and asks him to leave. Hayley tells Roy that she can forgive him and that she hopes they can be happy again. Roy feels slightly comforted. Curly changes his mind again. At the last minute he climbs in the car with Emma telling her that he loves both she and Ben and can't live without them. Curly and Emma leave the street.


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