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Roy and Hayley discuss Tracy's proposition. Hayley tells Roy that if he wants to "buy" the baby she will stay with him and help bring it up. They decide that although they're worried that buying a baby is illegal, and they despise Tracy for her callous and selfish attitude, they will go ahead and raise the money. Tracy tells them she wants £5,000 by 3.00pm and then the rest in instalments. Curly decides they can't wait until they've sold the house to move. Emma makes arrangements for them to rent a colleague's flat. Kirk and Tyrone arrive back from Blackpool. Les is enjoying a birthday drink in the Rovers. Mick instructs Ciaran not to serve Les any more. Janice is annoyed with Mick. Sarah decides she's not going back to school; she's going to get a job instead. Roy and Hayley arrive at the abortion clinic just in time. They give Tracy £4,873.50 as it's all they could raise in the time. Tracy agrees to have the baby and hand it over to Roy and Hayley in exchange for the £15,000 balance when it's born.


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