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Hayley has spent the night at No.6. She's very depressed. She tells Angela about Tracy's pregnancy. Angela is shocked. Roy tells Tracy that he will share responsibility emotionally and financially for the baby. He is gutted when Tracy says she's going to have an abortion. Bethany is discharged from hospital. Sarah and Todd are worried when they are told that they will be getting a visit from social services. Peter enjoys spending the morning looking after baby Simon. Gail tells Peter about the dodgy wiring in the flat. Peter arranges for Tony Stewart to sort it out. Tony pretends that he's never been to the flat before. Roy visits the estate agents and then telephones the bank and transfers some money. Roy closes the cafe and gives Vera some extra money. He then calls round to see Sarah and gives her some money too. Hayley thanks Angela for letting her stay but explains that she has to leave Weatherfield and intends to live in Amsterdam. Roy can't take any more, he lines up some pills and starts taking an overdose in an attempt at suicide.


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