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Audrey points out to Gail that although Sarah is making a mistake, she should be there offering support. Mick tries to persuade Janice to help evict Les, but she's uneasy about getting involved. Eileen is mortified to hear that the debt collectors have contacted Steve as he was a referee for her loan. Steve is concerned that she's in over her head. Emma isn't pleased to hear about Curly being in league with Councillor Naysmith. Sophie refuses to go to Rosie's open evening. Tommy volunteers Katy as a babysitter for the evening. Les makes a fire in the yard, sending the smoke over to next door. He's taken aback when Curly threatens him with eviction. Martin tells Gail how miserable she's making everyone. She goes to see Sarah and makes peace with her. Katy is horrified to have Sophie landed on her. She begs Sarah and Todd to look after Sophie and goes off to spend the evening with Martin. Eileen breaks down about her money worries to Tony Stewart. She's torn, but has no choice but to accept his offer of some extra cash. Mick approaches Les in the Rovers. He's all smiles to others' eyes, but he's really winding Les up, hoping to provoke him. Les knows his game, but can't help himself and is only stopped from punching him when Ciaran intervenes. Janice is horrified that Les tried to attack Mick again and resolves to help in Les's eviction.


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