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Curly is furious when a stray cat scavenges his bin. Norris admits to feeding it, and reveals that he has named it Monty. Gail notices the bump on Bethany's head. She accuses Sarah of not looking after her properly. Roy notices that Hayley is wearing lipstick. She tells him that she's going shopping. Les admits to Fiz that he has lain awake worrying about Mick's threat to get him back inside. She warns him to leave well alone. Emily is infuriated that Norris has fed Monty with the fish she'd bought for tea. Gail is adamant that Sarah can't take Bethany to live with her and Todd. Gail asks Martin to look at Bethany, concerned that she may have had concussion. She asks him to talk to Sarah. Les does his best to put off Curly's prospective house buyers. Katy points out to Martin that Sarah is the same age as she is, and should know her own mind. Kevin is bemused to hear that Rosie has changed her name to Rozi. He takes Sophie to the shops to buy a new dress in the face of Sally's indifference. Hayley is upset that Roy doesn't like her new, more feminine image. She feels horribly insecure that he slept with Tracy, whilst she will never be a real woman. Gail is furious with Martin for sticking up for Sarah. She reluctantly agrees that Sarah can have a night's trial at Todd's flat. Sarah tells Todd that she won't be returning home again.


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