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Les is disappointed with his homecoming - or lack of it - as no one knew he was being released. Emma and Curly start packing up their house. Hayley surprises Roy with the news that she'll be joining her workmates for a drink at lunchtime. She amazes the factory girls by drinking lager. Karen and Steve fail to change their divorce plea to mutual unreasonable behaviour. Steve isn't happy that they'll have to carry on under the grounds of his adultery. Martin and Katy make plans to spend the day together at the weekend. Despite Todd's misgivings, Sarah pays his rent with money from her savers' account. Les is upset when Steve tells him he won't be getting his job back. Todd's reactions impress Sarah when Bethany bumps her head. Sarah plans to tell her mother that she and Bethany are moving in with Todd. Janice gives a muted response to the news that Les is out, concerned he'll cause trouble to Mick. Emma and Curly get a nasty surprise to see Les. Les's misery is compounded when he's electronically tagged and will be under curfew from 7.00pm til 7.00am. Kevin is peeved that Sally is neglecting him and Sophie to obsess over Rosie's dancing. Les is thrown out of the Rovers after insulting Emma and Mick. He's more bitter than ever, and swears his revenge on them. Mick follows Les outside and warns him that he has the power to send him back inside for a much longer sentence next time.


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