Hayley's sorry she doubted Roy and persuades him to stay and fight for their marriage. Karen continues to hassle Steve to go along with the divorce idea. Katy is livid with Martin and searches his flat for evidence that Sonia spent the night there. Curly and Emma have found the perfect house in Newcastle, and drop the asking price on No.7 by £5,000 for a quick sale. Arnie Scanlan returns and offers them a £5,000 over their original asking price. They don't believe he's serious and throw him out. Then they wonder if they've done the right thing. Tommy quizzes Martin about Sonia, but Sonia thinks Martin's not interested because she got so drunk at the barbecue. Martin persuades Katy that although their relationship may be difficult, he's not about to leave her. Hayley takes Roy to the Rovers, showing a united and defiant front. Bev gives them a warm welcome and apologises for the part she's played in their troubles. Eileen's worried about paying her debts, and asks Steve for an advance on her wages. When Steve again refuses Karen's divorce plans, she pours a pint over his head. He chases her to their doorstep where they playfully wrestle, then passionately kiss. She's delighted when he finally agrees to give her what she wants. Curly and Emma are relieved when they hear that there have been four enquiries for the house at the new asking price. Les is to be released from prison the next day. He swears to make Emma and Mick pay for what they've done to him.


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  • The Prison Officer who fetches Les Battersby from his cell to see the Governor is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Curly and Emma resort to desperate measures while Les celebrates; Martin and Katy's secret is in danger of being discovered by Tommy; and Hayley experiences a sudden change of heart.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,000,000 viewers (6th place).
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