Hayley is frustrated that she didn't get the chance to confront Tracy. She can't accept Roy's story that he can't remember a thing and thinks he's holding something back from her. Steve receives a letter notifying him that their decree nisi has been granted - he asks Karen to get onto her solicitor to sort it before they're legally divorced. Hayley returns to work and makes it clear that she won't accept any snide comments from the girls. She's touched when Fiz and Angela give her their support. Peter looks after Simon for a couple of hours while Lucy goes to the gym. Harry visits Preston King in hospital and returns his wallet, impressing his wife Penny. Karen tells an incredulous Steve that she wants the divorce to go ahead, so that they can remarry. She wants the wedding she missed out on the first time round - they'd be marrying for love instead of for a bet. Steve thinks she's mad, and refuses. Katy and Martin enjoy the thrill of their secret at the barbecue until Tommy sets him up with Sonia Marshall. Katy's consumed with jealousy and after an argument with Martin, slopes off to bed. Peter and Shelley look around No.7, but Peter's not keen at the thought of Les as a neighbour. Martin agrees to walk Sonia home, as she's had too much to drink. Katy looks on jealously, her worst fears confirmed. Hayley is feeling better after her positive day, but Roy is in despair. Hayley had trusted him completely and now the trust has gone from their relationship. He stuns Hayley when he tells her that it's for the best if he moves out.


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