Hayley desperately tries to explain away what could have happened, but Roy gives her the irrefutable evidence that he woke up in bed with Tracy. Thinking of Tommy's reaction, Katy's not so certain about going public with Martin. Hayley accuses Roy of being attracted to Tracy all along. She's mortified when it sinks in that the whole Street knows what went on. Mike gets fed up of waiting for Preston King, leaving Harry alone in Underworld. When the extremely obnoxious Preston turns up, he suffers a heart attack. Harry gives him mouth-to-mouth and saves his life. Peter and Shelley return from honeymoon. Tracy begs Peter to let her stay at the Rovers, but a disgusted Shelley insists that she leaves. Shelley's stunned to see Ciaran behind the bar, but agrees that he can keep his job. Katy persuades her parents to have a barbecue. Angela sees it as a chance to match-make Martin and Sonia Marshall. Martin arrives at the Harrises house determined to spill the beans. He's put off his stride when he thinks that Katy has been seeing Tyrone and leaves. Karen reminds the girls that she turned herself in to Mike for their sakes. They realise she has a point and invite her to join them. Emily asks Ken and Deirdre to reconsider taking Tracy back - they refuse. Roy touches Hayley with his declarations of love. She grabs onto the idea that maybe Roy can't remember anything about the night with Tracy because Tracy has made the whole thing up. Hayley is determined to confront Tracy to get to the truth, only to see Tracy head off in a taxi back to London.


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