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Katy sneaks out of Martin's flat unseen. Tommy demands to know where Katy's been. She pretends she was at an all-night party with her hospital friends. Eileen tells Jason he needs to contact his car insurance company. Jason looks guilty. Audrey is worried about Archie. He's left her a note saying that he's gone away. Tommy questions Tyrone about Katy's mystery boyfriend. Tyrone feels uncomfortable. Katy confides in Angela that she's sleeping with her new boyfriend. Angela tells Tommy. Karen asks Dev for a job at the corner shop. Dev manages to avoid the question. He later tells Steve he doesn't want Karen working for him. Sunita moves out of the flat and in with Ciaran. Merle Jackson throws Tony Stewart out. She drops him and his belongings off at Eileen's house. She is not best pleased. Tommy is upset to learn that Katy isn't a virgin. He threatens to go down to the hospital and thump Jimmy Mullins the porter. Katy finds herself completely caught up in her own web of lies. Tommy promises to find out who she's seeing and break his neck.


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