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Fred is shocked and jealous when Archie tells him that he's proposed to Audrey. Audrey seeks Gail's advice about Archie. Gail admits that life is always easier with a good man beside you. Katy tells Angela that she's seeing Jimmy Mullins and is forced to give Angela a mobile number in case of emergency. It's Tyrone's number and she warns him not to answer if he sees it's her parents on the line. Martin forgets that David is coming round. He gives him money to go bowling instead. Sunita takes Ciaran by surprise and informs him that she's moving in with him. Dev tells her that he'll leave the flat empty so she'll have somewhere to live when it all goes wrong. Roy has a disastrous driving lesson and as he opens the car door to make his escape. He walks into the path of Jason's car. Jason is forced to swerve and crashes, leaving him with a fractured arm and Tony Stewart with a broken leg. Jason will be off work for six weeks, leaving Eileen to pay the car loan. Archie is left distraught when Audrey tells him that she can't marry him. He confides in Deirdre that he doesn't think he'll ever get over it. Tommy is furious with Angela for allowing Katy to stay out all night. When the mobile number rings unanswered he storms off to the Rovers. Martin and Katy listen as Tommy leaves a message on Martin's answerphone to join him for a pint. Audrey is upset at the thought of hurting Archie and is horrified when Deirdre tells her that she thinks Archie has gone for good.


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