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Ciaran tells Sunita that his mother will post his grandmother's engagement ring for her to wear. Meanwhile, he looks at adverts for bargain jewellery. Ken talks Roy into questioning Tracy's version of events. Bev reluctantly agrees to Tracy staying at the Rovers until Shelley's return. Les's cellmate, Arnie Scanlan, is released from prison. He poses as a potential house-buyer, Mr. Poole, and puts in an offer for No.7 on the condition that Curly takes the house off the market. Deirdre confronts Bev in The Kabin for her part in Tracy's bet. Norris, Angela and Fiz are intrigued to hear the gossip, and take delight in later teasing Roy. Fred persuades Bev to take Ciaran on as a potman at the Rovers. Dev tries to talk sense into Sunita about her engagement. She retorts that Ciaran makes her happier than any other man she's known. Maria schemes to steal Liam Strong away from Candice and goes on a date with him. Candice finds out and shoves a pizza in Maria's face. Martin wants to take David and Sarah on a camping trip. Tracy confirms Roy's worst fears by telling him that they did sleep together. She did it to prove that, like all men, he wouldn't be able to resist sex if it was handed to him on a plate. Roy can't forgive himself for being unfaithful to Hayley.


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