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The morning after the wedding and Roy is terrified to wake up in Tracy's bed, with the Barlows downstairs eating breakfast. He's mortified when Ken, Deirdre and Adam spot him trying to leave. Curly and Ben wave Emma off as she leaves for Newcastle. Kirk comments that Les will be waiting for her when she gets back. Roy is in shock, the night before being a complete blank, and he closes the cafe for the day. Mike takes Adam back to Scotland. Deirdre and Ken confront Tracy and are disgusted that she messed with an innocent man's life. Tracy protests that Roy hadn't been forced at gunpoint. Tommy suspects Katy is seeing a boy, and asks an uncomfortable Martin to keep an eye on her. Archie hatches a plan to surprise Audrey on her birthday. Tracy claims her penny winnings from Bev, who expresses disappointment in Roy. Ciaran announces his engagement to Sunita as Dev walks into the Rovers. Ken visits a distraught Roy and apologises for Tracy's behaviour. Roy is adamant that he should take responsibility for his actions, but is even more humiliated to learn about Tracy's bet. Ken insists that Tracy apologises to Roy. When she refuses, Ken throws her out.


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