Shelley is dazed as Bev busies herself with cancelling the wedding. Peter hammers on the back door of the Rovers until Bev lets him in - he's determined to talk to Shelley. Peter begs for another chance and Shelley finally relents and agrees to marry him, believing him when he tells her that he loves her and will make her happy. Dev tells Sunita that he'll be thinking of her and him when he listens to the marriage vows later that day. Bev asks Shelley to postpone the wedding to give Peter the chance to prove himself trustworthy. Adam tells Peter and Ciaran that Tracy has been making odd comments about the wedding, so Peter asks Ciaran to keep an eye on her throughout the service. Peter frets when Shelley is late, but the wedding goes ahead without incident. Lucy registers the birth of Simon John Richards. On the way home, she and Simon stop to watch a wedding and narrowly miss seeing Peter and Shelley emerge from the church. Harry is overcome with emotion outside the church. He later explains to Rita that he had married at that church twenty years previously, before his wife left him. Bev makes up with Peter, determined not to lose Shelley by being against her marriage. Sunita is annoyed at the wedding dinner when an inebriated Ciaran tries to provoke Dev. She later angrily ends the relationship, when Ciaran surprises her - and himself - by proposing. She accepts but Ciaran asks her not to tell anyone yet. Tracy tries to seduce Andy Jennings, but gets rejected. Bev reminds Tracy of their bet, before Tracy drops two of the knock-out pills from the hen night into Roy's champagne. She calls a taxi and takes a drugged Roy back to her house. Shelley conveys to Peter her feeling that she's taken a gamble on him - he assures her that he's a dead cert. Tracy takes Roy up to her bedroom and begins to undress him.


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