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Bev's suspicions about Peter grow further when he lies to cover up making out a shopping list for Lucy. Dev is preoccupied, mulling over the strength of his feelings for Sunita. Curly tells Tommy and Kevin about Martin's young nurse girlfriend - they tease Martin for sloping off the night before to meet her at the hospital disco. Peter looks after Simon whilst an exhausted Lucy has a sleep, but he's late for his wedding rehearsal. Karen is rattled by last night's hostile reception in the Rovers. Steve tells her that the old feisty Karen would face everyone and persuades her not to run away. Harry tells Karen that Underworld is desperate for a machinist. Todd relates the story of Martin threatening Jimmy Mullins to a disbelieving Candice and Sarah. Katy later plays down the incident to the girls. Emma has to move to Newcastle in a week's time to start her promotion. She reassures Curly that she can house-hunt and will be home as often as possible. Martin invites Katy to his flat to talk, but they kiss and go to the bedroom together. Dev and Ciaran both wonder who will sit next to Sunita at the wedding. Ciaran tries to wangle an invite from Shelley. Bev tricks Ciaran into admitting that Peter has been having an affair. Ciaran insists that it's all over, and the news would break Shelley's heart, but Bev is undecided whether or not to tell all.


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