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Bev talks to Peter about marriage. He convinces her that marrying Shelley is what he really wants. Porter Jimmy Mullins asks Katy if she will partner him to the hospital disco on Sunday. Katy agrees and Martin is jealous. Steve persuades Karen to give Weatherfield another go. She agrees to give it a three week trial. She's worried that she will be public enemy no.1. Tracy pretends to lose an earring, Roy finds it. Tracy kisses Roy and drags him into the Rovers. Roy is most uncomfortable. Hayley starts to worry that Roy will find Tracy more attractive than her. The Rev. Graham Broadbent calls to see Shelley and Peter and talks to them about the wedding and the serious commitment they're about make. Peter feels very uncomfortable. Sunita has a lovely dinner with Ciaran. She is tempted to let him stay the night but decides to make him wait a bit longer. Dev is jealous. Janice and Hayley spot Karen across the street. Janice is rude to her but Hayley is pleasant and understanding. Karen is very upset and wishes they'd never come back to Weatherfield.


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