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Peter goes to the hospital to see Lucy. At first she refuses to see him but as the baby starts to arrive she realises she's glad of the support. Ciaran borrows the window cleaner's ladder and enters Sunita's bedroom via the window. Sunita thinks it's funny. Dev is not impressed. Curly visits Les in prison. Curly explains to Les that he and Emma are moving away because Emma has been promoted. Les tells Curly that wherever they go he will find them and get his revenge on Emma and Mick. Peter helps to deliver the baby. Lucy has a baby boy. Both Peter and Lucy are very proud. Steve is trying to track down Karen but still to no avail. Eileen feels sorry for him. Curly arrives home and tells Emma about Les's ranting and raving. Emma wants to know if Les issued any threats. Curly lies and says not. Peter arrives back from the hospital. Ciaran quietly congratulates him on becoming a father. Peter feels really confused about his feelings towards Lucy, the baby and Shelley.


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