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Steve and Tracy have spent the night together. Tracy is pleased as punch. Dev asks Sunita to come back to work at the corner shop. Sunita says she'll think about it. Tommy asks Martin to get Katy a summer job at the hospital. Martin tells Katy there's a job going in the hospital canteen. Tyrone chats to Maz O'Loughlin about vegetables. He doesn't realise that the greenhouse is full of cannabis that she planted. Jason agrees to help Todd paint his flat so that Sarah might move in with Bethany. Hayley finds out from Mike that Karen split on Joe, told Mike all about the scam to try and save her mates' jobs and left without him. Hayley then tells Steve. Curly is delighted to find that Emma has arranged a surprise party for him in the Rovers. He suggests to Emma that they should put all their rows behind them and try again. Steve tells Mike that he wants Karen back and he will pay off her £8,000 debt to Mike. Tracy comes on to Steve again but Steve tells her it was just a one-off as he's a married man. Tracy is furious. The regulars sing "Happy Birthday", Curly feels happier that he's been in weeks and then Emma tells him that she's accepted a job in Newcastle and starts next month. Curly is devastated.


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