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Mike offers Harry his job back as cleaner at Underworld. After some persuasion Harry accepts. Eileen is shocked to hear from Shelley that Todd and Sarah are moving into Peter's flat above the bookies. She is even more upset when she finds out from Todd that he's sold his laptop to pay the rent. Tyrone goes to visit Maz O'Loughlin on the allotments. She's busily planting seeds which she says are tomatoes. She agrees to meet Tyrone for a drink just to get rid of him. Steve clears all Karen's belongings out of their flat. He gets upset when he finds some of their wedding photos. Emma confides in Mick that she's got an interview on Friday for an inspector's job in Newcastle and that she's not told Curly yet. Tracy chats up Steve and gives him an early birthday card. Eileen calls to see Gail and tells her that Todd and Sarah are moving in together. Gail is shocked and upset. Martin tells Katy that they've got to end their relationship before it starts as it would upset too many people. Katy is gutted. Gail tells Sarah that no way is Bethany going to live in their hovel of a flat with them. She tells Sarah that Bethany is staying with her and she'll fight her all the way.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah's fears are realised when Gail reveals the plans she has with Todd; and Eileen discovers the truth behind her son's charade of happy families.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,190,000 viewers (6th place).
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