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Sunita finds out that the flowers were really from Dev. She's amused at Ciaran's cheek. Roy arranges his first driving lesson but later cancels it when Martin tells him he's got to vacate his flat because of cockroaches and that they will probably want to check out Roy's flat too. Mike tells the girls that Joe has left and that they no longer have a supervisor as Karen is now sacked. Mike tells Hayley that she's is now unofficially the supervisor again. Peter tells Ciaran he can stay in his old flat. Candice fancies Liam Strong, a pizza delivery guy. She climbs on the back of his scooter wearing a very short skirt. Mike tells Karen that she has three choices - either she pays him £8,000 for lost business, or he calls the police or she leaves Weatherfield. Karen confesses to Janice, Fiz and Hayley what she and Joe did. Janice and Fiz are disgusted with her. Fiz realises that she's out of work because of Karen. Curly arranges to stay at on the settee at No.13 while the infestation people sort out Martin's flat. Tommy tells Martin he can stay at their house. Martin is unsure. Todd gets the job as a cleaner at the hospital. Karen packs her things and leaves the street very upset. Rita tries to persuade her to stay but Karen leaves in a taxi.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mike gives Karen an ultimatum which turns the girls against her, and a homeless Martin agonises over a tempting offer.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,360,000 viewers (4th place).
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