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Karen confesses everything to Mike. He agrees not to press charges against her if she produces a list for him of every deal with Artrec, every cheque she forged, etc. Sarah asks Katy how her relationship with the older lad she fancies is going. Katy says it isn't and tells Sarah that he's called Mark. Mike lets Joe know that he's uncovered the whole scam. He tells Joe that he's calling the police and that he can look forward to going back to prison. Karen overhears Joe telling Mike that the only reason he started a relationship with Karen was so that he could use her for forging cheques, etc. Karen is hurt and angry. To Joe's horror, Karen gives Mike the list of information he requested and tells him that she's transferred all the money they stole from him back into his account. To avoid being a laughing stock in the rag trade, Mike agrees not to call the police but tells Joe he never wants to set eyes on him again. Some flowers are delivered for Sunita. Ciaran pretends they're from him. Sunita is delighted with them. Sunita is starting to enjoy having two men fighting over her. Todd gets an interview for a cleaning job at the hospital. Joe and Karen row as Joe packs his things to leave. Karen wants to know if he ever loved her at all. Joe says she had her uses. Mike gets a big order from a client. The business is going to be okay. He tells Janice that it's work as normal tomorrow. Karen is devastated. She's lost her husband and Joe just used her.


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Karen McDonald: "'Did you ever really love me? Like you said you did? Did you ever care about me, Joe, because I need to know..."
Joe Carter: "Don't matter now, does it?"
Karen McDonald: "Yes, it matters to me!"
Joe Carter: "Alright then, Karen. Yeah, I "enjoyed" yer, and yer had yer uses so let's just leave it at that, shall we?"

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