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Mike pays the girls half their wages as it's all the business can afford. He instructs Joe to make four of the girls redundant and demote Karen to machinist. One of the redundancies is Fiz. Sunita pours her heart out to Bev and explains how she's torn between Dev and Ciaran. The police drop a bag containing a few of Maxine's belongings off to Ashley now the case is closed. In the bag is the digital camera containing footage of him and Maxine at Christmas. Ashley watches the film and is absolutely devastated - he misses Maxine so much. Claire is shocked to see him in such a state. Peter asks Ken to be his best man at the wedding and not Ciaran, so as to please Shelley. Karen feels terrible about the way Fiz has been treated. Both Janice and Fiz make a point of blanking her in the Rovers. She overhears Steve sticking up for her and saying that she always stands by her mates. Karen is distraught. Dev is gutted when Sunita hands in her notice saying she can no longer work for him. Karen goes to see Mike to confess Joe's plan of ruining him only to find out that Mike has already worked it out.


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