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Sunita is the happiest person alive. Dev is coming round for dinner tonight and she knows he's going to propose. Curly is surprised to receive a visiting order from Les. Sunita and Dev have a mock fight with their pricing guns. Todd calls back home to collect his stuff. Eileen tries to talk him out of leaving but they have another row and Todd goes. Claire is very upset when Ashley tells her Gary's latest game. Ashley sets off for Gary's house intent on killing him. Fred follows him with Jason, Tyrone and Kirk. Between them they manage to pull Ashley off Gary. Ashley is upset and shaking. It's brought back all his memories of Maxine's murder. Maz O'Loughlin meets Tyrone, Kirk and Fiz for a drink in the Rovers. She admits to Fiz that it's Tyrone she's interested in and not Kirk. Karen asks Joe if they're ready to take over the factory yet. Joe says not. Karen realises that Joe doesn't care about the future of the factory girls and the fact that in the meantime they're not being paid. Dev goes round to Sunita's flat for dinner. They have a fantastic evening. Dev gets down on one knee and is about to propose to Sunita when they hear the doorbell ring before Ciaran lets himself into the flat.


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