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Sunita admits to Deirdre that she does still love Dev but she wants to be sure that he really loves her as she doesn't want to get hurt. Ashley is shocked when he hears a dedication on the radio from Claire to Ashley. Norris hears it too and immediately starts spreading the gossip. Janice, Angela and Fiz are worried that they're going to have to look for new jobs as there's still no work at Underworld. Todd tells Eileen that he didn't sit his exam and that he's decided he's not going to Oxford University after all. Eileen is devastated. Todd and Eileen have a huge row. Todd tells Eileen that he never wanted to be a lawyer and was only going down that road to keep her happy. Mike thanks Joe and Karen for being so supportive while things are so difficult at the factory. Karen feels really guilty. Ashley tells Claire about the radio dedication. Claire denies all knowledge. Ashley isn't sure what to think. Sarah calls on Todd to see how he is. Eileen starts shouting at Sarah and blaming her for Todd's change of plans. Eileen calls Sarah an evil little bitch. Gail tries to protect her daughter. Sarah is very upset.


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