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It's the first day of exams for Todd and Sarah. Todd feels very depressed and blames Eileen for Sarah finishing with him. Tyrone spends another day at the allotment chatting to Maz O'Loughlin. He introduces Maz to Jack. Jack agrees to let her use his greenhouse. Claire turns up at No.4 in tears as she's finished with Gary Jenkinson. She tells Ashley how she told Gary that Ashley said she could do better. Ashley wishes he'd never said anything. Norris sees Ashley comforting Claire and misreads the situation. Audrey and Fred worry that Claire has got a crush on Ashley. Ashley dismisses their theory. Dev tells Sunita that he's booked them a surprise weekend in Barcelona. Sunita turns it down saying that she can't be bought. Todd and Sarah start their first exam. Halfway through Todd walks out. Sarah follows him. Todd explains that he's made a decision - he's not going to Oxford, instead he's going to stay here to be with Sarah. Sarah tells him that she would never forgive herself if he throws away such an opportunity.


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