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Gail is worried about David as she can tell that he's upset about something. Sarah feels guilty. Dev stands by his cousin Naveen and tells Mike that Naveen had nothing to do with the robbery. Mike doesn't believe him. Harry is positive that he did reset the burglar alarm in the factory. He tells Mike but Mike doesn't believe him. Ashley bumps into Claire on her day off. Claire admits that she's killing time as she's trying to avoid Gary Jenkinson. Ashley invites her for a cup of tea and pours his heart out to her. Blanche phones No.1 and tells Deirdre that she is over Wally. Tracy is relieved. Kirk and Tyrone visit the allotment again just to ogle at Maz O'Loughlin. Hayley borrows Kevin's car to take Roy for his first lot of driving practice. Roy switches the engine on and off again declaring it enough for his first day! The factory girls are still off work as there's no material. Karen feels guilty. Eileen overhears Todd and Stuart Fergus discussing their plans for Oxford. Eileen is furious that Todd is planning to saddle himself with Sarah and Bethany. Sarah gets upset. Sarah finishes with Todd telling him that Gail and David need her here. Todd is heartbroken.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tyrone falls for a stranger at the allotment. Karen begins to lose faith in Joe as the human cost of the robbery becomes apparent.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,330,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue[]

Ashley Peacock (to Claire Casey): "I got involved with a girl years ago. Zoe was her name. She had a lot of problems did Zoe. Her problems became my problems, but then me and Maxine got married and all of a sudden I were happy again."

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