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Deirdre and Tracy row over Wally. Deirdre is worried what they will tell Blanche. With Fiz's supervision, Kirk and Tyrone start work on Jack's allotment. The woman on the next allotment, Maz O'Loughlin introduces herself and takes a shine to Kirk. Mike and Joe pay Naveen Alahan a visit. Mike accuses Naveen of fronting Artrec, a false company, ripping him off and stealing all his stock. Naveen denies everything. Roy gets Steve to take him out in his taxi so that he can study a professional driver at work. Roy is appalled with the standard of his driving. Claire's boyfriend Gary Jenkinson calls round to No.4 and is annoyed that she isn't ready. He feels that Claire is being exploited. Mike reports the robbery to the police and tells them that he suspects Naveen. David gets upset when he hears that Sarah is intending to move to Oxford. He accuses her of leaving him like Martin did. Mike is worried that the insurance company won't pay out as the burglar alarm wasn't set.


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Roy Cropper: "No, no... I do not demand perfection, Hayley. Something which is rarely - if ever - granted to human beings, though you approach it."

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