Albert continues to avoid Clara Midgeley. Lucille phones Concepta and says that she can't get time off to visit them. Elsie asks Jim if he's got any plans to marry her or if she'll always be "good for a giggle". Lucille tells Jack she can't go to Ireland because of work. Jim tells Elsie he'll never marry and wants to continue seeing her. She tells him it's over and throws him out. Minnie performs the opening of the auction room. Nobody is interested in buying anything. The Walkers' relief, Brenda Riley, arrives. Dennis discovers they haven't got planning permission for the auction room. Len and Jim make up. Jim is delighted to hear Brenda is the relief - she's an old girlfriend.


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Ena Sharples: "Elsie Tanner's a loud-mouthed, pig-'eaded, painted tramp, wi' a bust-full o' brassiere an' nowt on top. An' with the right man on 'er arm, she'd turn into the best wife a lad could wish for."

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