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Sunita tells Dev that the answer to his proposal is "no". She feels that Dev doesn't really want to marry her and that it's just a passing phase. Katy gives Martin a sports watch for his birthday. Martin feels uncomfortable and embarrassed. Joe and Karen manage to stall Mike from doing the full stocktake by arranging a lunch with a client, Simon Lang. Joe then gets an ex-con friend of his, Frank Marsden, to drive an empty van round and pretend to supposedly deliver the Artrec order. Claire's boyfriend Gary Jenkinson calls to see her. Claire pretends to Ashley that he's just a friend. Curly accepts Martin's offer to come and stay with him rather than at No.9. Wally invites Tracy to his mansion. Katy tries to talk to Martin - she tells him that she considers him a mate. Martin explains to her that Tommy is his mate and that she's just a kid. Katy is gutted. Karen is panicking that they may have managed to put Mike off the scent for the day but he's soon going to realise that no material was actually delivered. She is shocked when Joe explains that he's planning to burgle the factory and clear the stockroom out so that Mike will never know.


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