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Emma hammers on her front door demanding to see Ben. Curly refuses to let her in. Norris calms Emma down and promises to speak to Curly for her. Wally asks Tracy out for dinner as Blanche is still away. Tracy is delighted - he's a millionaire and should be dead soon! Norris persuades Curly to talk to Emma. They row over custody of Ben. Emma asks Curly to let her have a couple of hours on her own with Ben. Curly agrees. Dev gets Steve to explain to Sunita why Dev failed to make their date together. Sunita forgives Dev and agrees to go out with him on Friday instead. Sarah cheers up when Todd explains his plan to her. He's worked out how they could afford a one-bedroom flat in Oxford together if she gets a full-time job. Katy is disappointed when she goes for a run with Martin and he brings David along too. Curly returns home and is distraught to find that Emma has locked him out of the house and refuses to let him in. He goes to stay with Jack and Vera.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 7.00pm to allow for coverage of Champions League football.
  • The storyline for this episode had to be rewritten when Maggie Jones fell ill, although the character is credited in error. In the original version, Wally Bannister tells Blanche Hunt that he is dumping her and Tracy Preston feels slightly guilty for leading him on.
  • TV Times synopsis: Emma makes an stand in an attempt to sway Curly; a desperate Dev begs Sunita for a chance to make amends; and Todd stuns Sarah with a suggestion about Oxford.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,820,000 viewers (8th place).
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