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Katy tarts herself up in the hope that she's going for a run with Martin. She's disappointed to learn that he's taking David fishing with Craig instead. Blanche has gone to look after her sick sister in Morecambe. Curly confides in Emily that his marriage is on the rocks because Emma thinks more of her job than she does of him and Ben. Steve accuses Karen of only wanting a divorce because it's what Joe wants. Karen denies this but Steve can see she that he's hit a nerve. He agrees to be cited for adultery in the divorce. Fiz and Kirk wind Curly up by having a barbecue and playing Les's Status Quo records very loudly. Dev invites Sunita out for dinner in front of Tracy. She is jealous. Sunita accepts. Emma and Curly continue to row. She suggests they move away and start again. Curly refuses to be driven from his own house. Steve asks Karen for her wedding ring back but she refuses to hand it over. Emma arrives home and is shocked to find that Curly has locked her out. He drops a bin bag full of her clothes out of the window. Emma is horrified.


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Curly Watts: "I've done talking to you. Look, I know you don't care very much but our marriage is over. You get on with yer career, you get on with yer life. I'm staying 'ere with the son I brought up... with the child you hardly ever see. Look, Emma, you're not gonna win this one. Just go, eh?"

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