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It is the day of the court case: Les is confident that he's going to get off. Emma is nervous about telling the truth and Curly is being very supportive. Tommy and Angela plan to throw a house-warming and name-changing party for the neighbours. Sunita looks after Ben so that Curly can go to the court. Blanche also goes along to watch from the public gallery. Mike starts to go through the company's paperwork. Joe keeps fairly cool but Karen is panicking. Just as Mike starts to query the Artrec invoices his phone rings - it's Adam who asks Mike to join him, Peter and Shelley in Plymouth for a couple of days. Mike goes off leaving a relieved Joe in charge. Dev arrives back a day early from his holiday to find Deirdre standing in for Sunita in the corner shop as she has had to go to No.7 to change Ben's clothing. Fiz and Kirk wear "Les is innocent" t-shirts in support of Les. Norris is picked for jury service only to find that it's Les's case so he has to step down. Norris is very disappointed and he sits with Blanche in the gallery. Martin and Katy arrange to go for a run together. Mick tries to persuade Emma to lie for him but so far she refuses. Karen tells Joe she can't take the strain any more. Mick goes to give his evidence then Emma is called to give hers. She takes the stand and swears on the bible to tell the truth.


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  • Location filming for Weatherfield Crown Court was conducted at the former Salford Town Hall and Magistrates Court in Bexley Square.
  • TV Times synopsis: As Emma takes the stand at the trial, Les fears the worst. Joe and Karen are surprised when Mike turns his attentions back to the business.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,870,000 viewers (1st place).
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