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Shelley tells Peter that he's got to spend more time with Adam to show him that he cares. Tracy and Deirdre gently tease Blanche about her new fancy man Wally Bannister. Tracy suggests to Candice she should go out with Adam but Candice dismisses him as a child. Martin tries to interest Katy in doing the hospital fun run. Katy, Todd and Sarah agree to do it. Candice thinks it's childish. Adam wishes he could join in but realises he'll be back in Scotland. Mike has a heart-to-heart with Adam and tells him how much he means to him. He asks Adam to come away to Spain with him but is disappointed when he refuses. Joe gets Karen to forge Mike's signature on the first cheque to Artrec. Kirk gives Les some really good news; he introduces him to Dave Arden, a tramp who witnessed Mick beating up Les. Tommy and Angela decide it's time to change their surnames back to "Harris". Blanche is delighted when Wally phones and invites her to his birthday party. Having consulted his solicitor, Les now feels confident that with Dave as witness the jury will find him not guilty.


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  • From this episode onwards, the Harris family are credited under their correct surname and not their witness protection name of "Nelson".
  • TV Times synopsis: While Mike is preoccupied with the row over Adam, Joe and Karen seize the opportunity to pursue their plan; and Les's luck changes.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,820,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue[]

Tracy Preston: "It's not normal for women me gran's age to have men queuing up on t'street."
Blanche Hunt: "He was in the Rovers, and to clarify... I've got a better track record with men than you have!"

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