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Mike receives a call from the school - Adam has absconded because he was caught drinking. Adam tells Mike and Peter how none of them really care about him. Karen is furious with Joe and points out that they could both end up in prison. Shelley tells her mum how much she enjoys having her around and Bev admits that she's enjoyed it too. Emma, Curly, Mick and Janice meet in the Rovers on their way to the party. Mick thanks Curly for lying on his behalf. Curly tells him that he is disgusted by the whole thing and is only lying because he feels he has no choice. Adam spends the night at the Rovers with Peter, Shelley and Bev. Joe takes Karen to see a loft-style apartment. He tells her that if she comes in on the scam with him they will have the money to buy one of these. Karen starts to crack. Tommy and Martin arrange to go fishing together. Joe explains his plan to Karen; how he is going to slowly take all Mike's money off him by invoicing Underworld to pay a dummy company - Artrec - and then buy the factory with it. Blanche arrives back from her tea dance full of the joys. She's met a new boyfriend, Wally Bannister, and she's smitten. Karen finally caves in and agrees to Joe's plan.


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