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Eileen has a go at Jason for waking her up at 5.30am on his way to work. Jason feels just as picked on as when he was on the dole. Todd asks Eileen if Sarah can stay over occasionally. Eileen agrees so long as Gail is happy with the arrangement. Emily is delighted when Gail tells her that her solicitor has told her that No.3 is safe and will not be sold. Emily and Rita keep quiet from Norris and continue to let him think he's going to be Emily's landlord. Joe gives Karen a gold necklace. He's put out when she threads her wedding ring onto it. Jack decides to keep the greenhouse and move it to the allotment. Audrey can't bring herself to tell Gail that she's unable to bail her out so instead she confides in Archie that she's going to take out a loan against her own house. Sarah asks Gail if she can stay at No.11. Gail says no. Sarah slips out anyway and leaves Bethany with David. Les asks Norris if he can swing the jury in his favour when he's doing jury service. Norris refuses. Sarah lies to Eileen and tells her that Gail is happy for her to stay over. Gail finds that Sarah is missing. She goes straight round to Eileen's house and before Eileen can explain, she dumps Bethany in Eileen's arms and tells her that she can have the granddaughter as well as the daughter.


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Norris Cole: "Do you really think I'm gonna rot in jail in exchange for a half o' bitter?"
Les Battersby: "What if I made it a pint?"

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