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Kevin goes berserk with Rosie when he sees that she's had her belly button pierced. He tells her that she's grounded. Vera is delighted when Jack tells her that he's won £250, but then she finds out that he's run up nearly £300 on the phone bill. She bans him from doing any more competitions. Steve decides it's time to move into the flat above the cab office. Eileen helps him move. Steve breaks down and Eileen comforts him. Gail explains to Emily that the creditors may have a claim on her house too. Rosie sneaks out of the house while nobody's looking. Sally and Kevin are angry at first but then they start to worry. Sally phones the police. Todd suggests to Sarah that they get a place and start living together. Gail calls on Jack and Vera. She apologises to them and explains that they won't be getting their £20,000 back as there's simply no money to pay it. Vera later goes round to Gail's house. She shouts through the letterbox demanding her money and then she throws a stone through the window. Norris suggests to Emily that he could buy her house. They could continue just as they are except he would be her landlord. Steve suggests to Joe and Karen that they should all start being civil to each other. Karen is unnerved by this and wonders what his agenda is. The police find Rosie and bring her home. It transpires she's been to Birmingham on the train.


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Rosie Webster: "You just can't except the fact that I've grown up and I'm not a little girl any more."

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