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Todd suggests to Steve that he could move into the flat above the cab office now Joe's gone. Steve says he'd rather continue to live with Eileen and the boys. Rosie continues to be a teenage nightmare. She brings up the subject of Kevin's and Sally's affairs much to their embarrassment. Jack wins six boxes of toilet cleaner. Vera tells him to get rid of it as it matches her purple hair. Gail tells Vera that she's seeing her solicitor about Richard's affairs and that she hopes there will be enough money to pay her and Jack back their £20,000. Maria and Candice are arguing over who is to blame for the purple hair debacle. An exasperated Audrey tells them she holds them both responsible and orders them to stop their bickering or they'll both be out of a job. Les tells Curly that Kirk is going to stand as a witness against Mick and Emma. Curly, realising that Kirk is lying, explains to Les that Kirk could go to prison for perjury. Gail sees her solicitor, Tim Nicholson, and is shocked to learn that Richard's fraudulent dealings have left behind enormous debts. There will be no legal charges against Gail but she finds out that their joint account is in debt to the tune of £40,000. Rosie has another tantrum when Sally and Kevin refuse to let her have her nose pierced. Les tells Kirk that he mustn't lie in court as it will only make matters worse. Gail tells David and Sarah that she's going to have to sell the house to pay off their debts.


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