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Steve sits in the cab office listening to Karen and Joe making love in the flat above. Tracy has to borrow £150 from Deirdre to pay her hotel bill as Dev has stopped her credit card, but not before she managed to run up £1,000 on it. Kevin gives in and buys Rosie a mobile phone. Rosie is unhappy because it's an old one and therefore uncool. Steve accosts Joe and Karen on Rosamund Street and tells Joe that he's got until midday to shift his stuff from the flat. Karen points out that legally he can't do that. Gail tells Norris that she's changed her surname back to Platt. Norris brings up Richard's large paper bill, and Audrey tells Norris to put it on her account. Emily doesn't like Norris's apparent lack of sympathy for Gail. Vera goes for a colour and perm at the salon. She is horrified when Maria turns her hair purple by accident. Candice finds it funny. Maria is mortified. Jason agrees to help Steve clear all Joe's stuff out of the flat. They pack everything into boxes and bin liners and dump it outside the factory. Rosie has two friends, Jodie Pepper and Kayleigh Borthwick, round. They go up to Rosie's bedroom and play loud music. Kevin gets fed up and throws them out. Rosie is thoroughly embarrassed and accuses Kevin and Sally of being ancient just like her mobile! Joe discovers all his belongings outside the factory. To Steve's horror, his plan backfires on him when Karen tells Joe not to worry as he can move in to her flat.


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Notable dialogue[]

Gail Platt: "Ooh, the price of sweets these days. Could get these for a shilling when I was a girl."
Emily Bishop: "And change, when I was one."


Vera Duckworth: "I'll tell you what Audrey Roberts... your family's ruined our lives and now you have ruined my 'air!"

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