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Tracy tells Deirdre that she's dumped Dev and is now enjoying herself with his credit card. She's booked into a swanky hotel. Rosie has a tantrum because Kevin won't let her have a mobile phone. Audrey reopens the salon once again under her own name. They are packed out and she and Maria can barely cope. Kirk asks Les to think hard if there were any witnesses when he got thumped by Mick. Les remembers there was a dog. Kirk makes a canine photo-fit kit and between them they make up a picture of the dog. Deirdre goes to give Dev a piece of her mind for the way he's treated Tracy. She can't help herself and slaps him across the face. She later tells Tracy who is unimpressed and accuses Deirdre of gloating. Dev is annoyed with Peter for having passed on his comments about Tracy. He blames Peter for their break-up. Les and Kirk go looking for the dog who fits Les's description. Tony Stewart and Merle take Jason to the Rovers where they bump into Eileen. Candice again asks Audrey for a job at the salon. This time Audrey agrees as she's been so run off her feet. Dev lets slip to Steve that he slept with Deirdre. Steve is gobsmacked. Steve goes to find Karen just as she's leaving the factory. In front of Joe and all the factory girls he declares his undying love for Karen and begs her to give him another chance.


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