Tommy feels better and discharges himself from hospital against Martin's advice. Sally is still cross with Kevin for keeping the Nelsons' secret from her and not trusting her. Tommy arrives home and makes it clear to Kevin and Sally that he's not impressed with Sally for having a go at Angela. Fiz lets slip to Roy that Hayley knew the Nelsons' secret. Roy is disappointed that Hayley didn't confide in him but admires Hayley for her loyalty to Angela. Audrey talks to Archie about reopening the salon and finding a replacement for Maxine. Shelley and Peter go for lunch at Dev and Tracy's flat. Nobody really wants to be there and Peter worries that Tracy might spill the beans about Lucy. Gail is furious when she finds out from Eileen that Todd has been living with Sarah the whole time she's been away. She shouts at Martin for not keeping an eye on them. Eileen is shocked and hurt when Tony Stewart bangs on the door and tells her that he's got Jason a job. Eileen realises that Jason has been meeting his dad behind her back. Tracy tells Shelley that she reckons Dev will propose to her within a month. Shelley is shocked that Tracy just sees it as a game. Gail lambastes Sarah and Todd for lying to her. It reminds her of all the lies Richard fed her and she's very upset. She bans Sarah from seeing Todd again until after her exams in June. Sarah and Todd are gutted.


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