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Andy and Nick Morgan hold Katy hostage and lie in wait for Angela. Katy is becoming really ill as they won't let her have her insulin injection. Karen and Steve fight over their belongings. Steve walks out with the TV but Karen hides the remote control. Angela and Tommy find Craig in the cafe. Craig explains that he made up the story about being in the school play for a bit of fun. Angela and Craig forgive him. Ashley and Fred return home to find that Claire and Joshua are getting on really well. Claire takes Joshua out for a walk. Sally tells Kevin about the two men who called looking for the Nelsons. Knowing that they are on a witness protection scheme, Kevin is worried and goes to check on their house. He can't get any reply and asks Sally to call the police. Sally is bemused but does as she's told. Dev gives Tracy a credit card on his own account. Tracy is delighted. The Morgan brothers threaten to kill Katy. She is petrified. Jason is delighted with Steve's TV until he realises he has to walk over to it to change channels. Kevin sees Angela, Tommy and Craig coming out of the cafe. He tells them about the two lads. Angela and Tommy immediately panic about Katy's safety. The police arrive and surround the house. Katy screams and Tommy forces his way in through the front door. Two gunshots ring out.


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