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Craig pretends to have lost his voice. Angela is suspicious. Sarah gets Emily to look after Bethany so that she and Todd can enjoy their last day of freedom in the house together. Ashley leaves Joshua with Claire the nanny for the first time. He worries about him. Jack thinks he's won £100 in a competition. Later he finds out that he hasn't. Vera is furious and belts him in the Rovers. Angela overhears Katy and Craig rowing. She accuses Craig of lying about his voice. Craig comes clean and admits that the school play was last Saturday and that he never had a part in it. He then runs away. Angela and Tommy want to know where Katy and Craig were on Saturday night but Katy doesn't tell them. Bev watches Maria working in the Rovers and realises she's lazy. Nick and Andy Morgan turn up looking for the Nelsons. They see Katy come out of No.13 and mistakenly bang on the door only to find Rosie and Sally. Sally points out the Nelsons' house to them. Hayley sees Craig wandering the streets and takes him to the cafe for chips, meanwhile Angela is out looking for him. Katy is home alone. Steve calls round to the flat and demands half of everything. Karen is shocked. Katy answers the doorbell and is terrified to find that it's the Morgan brothers.


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