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Janice advises Karen that it should be Steve that has to leave the flat, not her. The Nelsons are becoming aware of Katy's new dietary regime to ward off her diabetes. Joe is pleased to hear that Karen has left Steve. Karen rebuffs him when he instantly makes a move on her. Claire Casey calls round to collect some references she'd forgotten from the previous day's nanny interview. She proves an instant hit with Joshua, and Ashley offers her the job, despite having misgivings the previous day over her lack of experience. Fred is disappointed in Ashley's choice, preferring Ginnie Redman, a stricter and more experienced candidate. Steve restrains himself from hitting Joe, when he gloats over the fact that Karen won't talk to him. Karen tells the factory girls that she's left Steve. She apologises to Joe and they make friends. Katy hatches a plan with Craig to allow her to go to the concert. Blanche invites Tracy to tea on Saturday - just the two of them. Steve goes to the flat to find Karen is there and has changed the locks. She's put his belongings in a bin bag, and throws him out.


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Fred Elliott: "There's only so much time a man of my years can spend crawling on the floor, neighing like an 'orse for the amusement of a one-year-old."

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