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Karen leaves a message on the answerphone, saying she'll be home within half an hour. Terrified, Steve throws Julie Roxburgh out and tries to hide the evidence of their liaison. Mick and Janice unpack Mick's belongings in the flat. Steve goes on the offensive with Karen and questions why she has come home early. She is annoyed that has to explain herself, when he should be pleased that she's back. Katy meets Louise Crawley and is persuaded to join her at a concert in Manchester on Saturday night. Karen insists to Steve that without trust their marriage is worthless. Craig gives a lacklustre performance of Bugsy Malone to his parents. Les confronts Janice, Mick, Curly and Emma in the Rovers. Curly surprises Emma by leaping strongly to her defence. Karen finds a blonde hair in their bed - unable to find an excuse, Steve admits to a meaningless one-night stand and tries to blame Karen for going to Wolverhampton in the first place. She is incensed, and distraught at his breach of trust, leaves. Katy explains her absence that night by saying she was with Tyrone. Jack is disappointed as the closing date for the dream house competition proves to be from the previous year. Curly feels implicated in the fit-up because he'd defended Emma to Les. Janice and Mick happen upon a sobbing Karen who tells them that she's left Steve for good.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Karen races home to rescue her relationship; and Katy plays with fire by meeting up with her old mates from Sheffield.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,830,000 viewers (4th place).
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